Bierbrauer Chiropractic
Dr. P. Chris Bierbrauer is a licensed chiropractor serving the Minneapolis community. Bierbrauer Chiropractic is In-Network with most local Health Insurance Carriers EXCEPT Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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Consultation + Evaluation + Treatment [60 min]
This is for "Newbies".  If you've never been to see us before this is your first stop.  You'll be with us for about an hour as you fill out a little paperwork, sit down for a consultation (as we gather info about why you're here) and an evaluation (to figure out how to help you) finally receive treatment to make you feel better!


New Injury Evaluation + Treatment [40 min]
If you've been here before but it's been a while or if you've had a new injury or accident like a car accident or work-related injury we'll need a little extra time to address your new issues before treating you.
Chiropractic Adjustment + Active Release Technique [20 min]
You've been here before and need treatment on known, recent injury. Not just your typical chiropractic wham, bam, snap, crackle, pop treatment. We start off with addressing the soft things around your joints (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves) which will help your Chiropractic Adjustment not only go much more easily but it will help it to last longer as well, which means ultimately fewer visits for you!
Directions 221 10th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, United States